Esoteric Ophthalmology

Program Description

The 2019 one-day annual National Review Course will review highly pertinent pearls for less common conditions that are still encountered in our everyday comprehensive and subspecialty practices.

This is the final session in our 3-part series of TED-style Ophthalmology review lectures targeted for both the comprehensive and subspecialist ophthalmologist. The first set of lectures covered Emergency Ophthalmology, the second Everyday Ophthalmology and this year’s talks will cover Esoteric topics in Ophthalmology.

Our course is designed as a practical review, highlighting the most important clinical pearls and management options. The material is presented using TED-style talks with the idea of material to be delivered in an engaging and entertaining format which will lead to easier and better absorption of new information which can then be subsequently easily recalled in the clinic.

All the lectures delivered this year are new and we have a highly experienced line-up of speakers, all of whom have been coached to deliver high-level and engaging talks to meet the objectives of the program.

This is a course for expert ophthalmologists delivered by expert ophthalmologists.

Target Audience

Ophthalmologists, Optometrists, fellows, senior residents, and Allied Health Professionals